Barista Interview: Alix From Transcend Coffee

Alix came from Transcend Coffee in Edmonton to spend a week in our Kelowna coffee shop. We did a few touristy things, including an awesome trip to Lake Country, just outside Kelowna, to taste some wine, and pick our own pumpkin! Here’s what she had to say about our experience…

Carlee: How long have you been in coffee and where?

Alix: I have been in coffee for just over 6 years now. I started out in a small café (Café Haven) in Sherwood Park that served Transcend coffee at the time. I loved tea and variety it came in, and as a fresh university student I had just started drinking coffee. I found many “chain” coffees to be harsh, so it was difficult to get into at first. After learning a bit more about GREAT coffee, I loved being able to objectively taste the differences between various coffees. I related coffee quite a bit to chemistry as well, with the various brew methods, extraction ratios, etc. etc. During my time at Café Haven I learned so much ­ about espresso, brew coffee, barista competitions, types of coffee equipment and brewing gear. Not only from Transcend but from the Seattle location of Stumptown Coffee as well!

Carlee: What drew you to Transcend?

Alix: I guess I’m super lucky, I started out with Transcend! And being able to grow with Transcend has been great too. I’ve had so many people with Transcend that have been able to train with and it’s been great to push the boundary on what great coffee can be. And we still have lots to learn!

Carlee: What is your favourite thing about being a barista?

Alix: Coffee, obviously! (jokes) The 3rd Wave coffee community is amazing as well. I could go anywhere in the world, find a 3rd wave coffee shop and instantly connect with their community, which I think is extremely powerful. That’s also why these barista exchanges are crucial and work so well; it’s a great way to interact with the greater coffee community

Carlee: Fave drink?

Alix: I always change it up, but my favourite is a Cappuccino, for sure. Perfect ratio of espresso to milk, perfect mouthfeel.

Carlee: Did you enjoy your time in our humble cafe?

Alix: Third Space Coffee is awesome! I love the community aspect, and what a beautiful space. Everyone was really eager to interact with one another and it feels like a great space to do anything really. I was only there for a short time but it felt very welcoming and humbling. Plus that chicken wrap? So tasty. Count on me being back soon!

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