Amanda Serves Community­ Oriented Deliciousness

Working in this industry is really cool, especially when you decide to keep going after many of your colleagues have decided to pursue a different career path. One of my favourite things is having a fun and youthful team to work with. Some of these people have found a potential career here, while others are in school or have different hopes for their futures. No matter who they are, we are so lucky to get to work with them.

We would love to take a chance to introduce you to our amazing barista team! We are starting with our newest cafe addition. Amanda!

Carlee: Amanda, you’ve been at Third Space Coffee here in Kelowna for a few months now, and we love having you! How long have you been in the industry, and where else have you worked/volunteered etc?

Amanda: Third Space Coffee is my first professional foray into the coffee industry, however, I’ve been an avid tea sipper for years. My hubby and I have 2 boys that have kept us laughing and busy for the last few years. Additionally, I have spent the last decade supporting local and international programs through academic and practical education, and social outreach ministries.

Carlee: What drew you to Third Space Coffee?

Amanda: As first impressions go, I was left starry­-eyed from the beautifully appointed interior. The warm facade was quickly superseded by the inviting atmosphere of a cultured and holistic community.

Carlee: What is your favourite drink?

Amanda: Single (almond) Capp! Actually, to be honest it was the first cappuccino I had been able to have in 10 years (thank you dairy/soy allergy) and what a pleasure it was!!!

Carlee: So like, what do you want to do with your life? Coffee forever? Authentic coffee has found a role in my forever story. Not sure how it’ll play out over the years, but serving our world community­ oriented deliciousness has proved to be a joyful fit for my soul.

Carlee: What has been your favourite part about third space so far?

Amanda: The luxury and liberty to thrive within a talented and fun loving team. I was hesitant to transition from a culture of volunteerism where the spirit of participation is the reward, into a paid obligation. I think it speaks volumes of truth that I have forgotten to pick up my paycheck every period thus far! You can’t get paid to have this much fun!?!

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