Barista Interview: Cory

This past October we had an opportunity to do a barista exchange with one of our favourite cafes, Transcend Coffee! Just like you would with an exchange student, we hosted a barista, as did Transcend Coffee, and we laughed and learned with someone new for a whole week. Unlike a student exchange, we went out for dinner a ton, and drank all the cappuccinos! Cory, who brightens your mornings as our regular opening barista went to Edmonton for a week. This is what he had to say when I interviewed him:

Carlee: Hey Cory, why don’t you give us an outline of your time spent in this industry?

Cory: I have worked in the industry for 3 years, all in the city of Kelowna. I began my journey at Streaming Cafe, where I fell in love with 3rd wave roasters, like Phil and Sebastian out of Calgary, and our provider Matchstick Coffee. Streaming Cafe allowed me to nerd out and learn so much about the industry! Following Streaming I moved to the Bean Scene, a local roastery and cafe. I learned lots about their roasting side, although I didn’t get a chance to roast myself. Finally, I have landed at Kelowna’s Third Space Coffee, I have been here roughly a year.

Carlee: And what drew you to Third Space Coffee?

Cory: I was drawn in by the staff knowledge. When I started they had people like Stew and Andrew McWilliam out of Ratio coffee in Vernon on staff, and they took training very seriously. While the other local cafes are doing an awesome job, there isn’t really anything in the Okanagan Valley quite like Third Space Coffee.

Carlee: What is your favourite thing about being a barista?

Cory: I love getting into the details! I am a detail oriented person and being a barista allows me to get away with being crazy into detail on every drink and shot!

Carlee: What is your favourite drink?

Cory: I am big on traditional macchiatos. They are a 3oz drink and mostly espresso. But so creamy and so delicious.

Carlee: What did you like about Transcend Coffee in Edmonton?

Cory: The staff there were knowledgeable and love coffee. They are very similar to our cafe in that they really see value in continued training and development. They also have some of the best baristas in the country on staff, so it was great to train and learn with them. They also have an amazing roastery that I loved getting to spend a bit of time in. Overall it was a great experience that furthered my love for coffee and this industry and I’d love to do it again.


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