Experience Life Change With Us

Coaching is a key component to every level of people in an organization.
Our chaplains love people. Each team member thrives in creating a place for you to find community.
Third Space Counseling seeks to deliver exceptional psychotherapeutic service for individuals, couples and families dealing with emotional and relational concerns.

How It’s Paid For…

Thankfully, there are avenues that can help cover counseling costs! The BC Medical Services Plan does not cover counseling fees, however, many workplace health benefit plans do reimburse you for visits to a registered counselor. To find out specific information about your coverage, you can easily contact your insurance company or the Human Resources department at your workplace to help assist you on this matter.

Coverage is also available through Extended Health Benefits.

Our Team’s Accreditations

  • PhD in Counseling
  • BC Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Certified StandOutTM Facilitator
  • Masters in Science
  • Masters in Theology
  • Masters in Christian Counseling
  • Certified Performance Coach with the Gallup Organization
  • American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Registry of Marriage and Family Therapists in Canada
  • Charter Director of The Learning Circle in Family Therapy
  • BSc (Kin) Registered Massage Therapist
  • ND, BA Naturopathic Physician
  • BHK, ACSM, CES, Kinesiology
  • PT, MAT Physio
  • RTCMP Registered Acupuncturist
  • Certified Professional Coactive Coach
  • Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, based on the work of Dr. Dr. Brené Brown