Home Brewing in The New Year

As we start a new year, we often have all these lofty goals, resolutions, and aim for change. On
the one side this means we get to look forward to a new year and to building something better
or different for ourselves.

One of these changes often comes in the form of attempting to make our own coffee at home.
Something many of us are setup to do, but very few of us actually have the time for in the
morning. Our culture is rushed, and with that people feel the pressure to get out of their home
and grab a to-go cup of coffee instead of enjoying their coffee at home.

While we all love your decision to let us fuel your morning Kelowna coffee needs, we also love when people choose to slow down, choose home brew methods, and take some time to themselves in
the morning.

But now we come to another hurdle, how the heck can you brew at home? In the weeks that lay
ahead of us, we will be going over specific brew methods. For now, I will simply lay out a few
definitions or descriptions to make those tutorials a bit easier to follow.

Aroma: the delicious fragrance you can smell in your coffee! Used as a tool to evaluate what’s going down in your brew.

Brew ratio: this is used to refer to the amount of dry grounds and water used.

Brew time: pretty straightforward, how long it takes to brew your delicious life elixir.

Contact time: the amount of time grounds and water chill out together.

Immersion: a brewing method that submerges grounds in water.

Manual drip: pour over method, water is poured over grounds.

Mouthfeel: the texture of the coffee on your palate

Over extraction: the removal of more than the desired amount of mass from the grounds (too bitter)

Scale: like a kitchen scale, we’re gonna get real serious folks

Taste: what you perceive the coffee’s tasting notes to be.

Under extraction: removal of less than desired amount of mass from the grounds (sorta like, not enough coffee in my water, yo!)

Vacuum pot: a brewing device with an upper and lower chamber. I am not very good at these ones, so when we blog about it, it will surely be a guest author!

Let us know what brew methods you wanna learn at home!

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